Hello! Welcome to my Portfolio! Vector Computer Solutions is the creation of Caleb Crump.

Web Design Projects

Aperture Fusion
A modern and fully responsive website with jQuery image slider, using multiple CSS techniques.
Industrial Wiping Supplies
This is a E-commerce site that runs on OpenCart but has been customized.
Dolly Grace Photography
The photo gallery part uses UberGallery. The gallery is great but does not provide a way for the end user to add photos/galleries without ftp. I created a php application that creates galleries, uploads photos, deletes photos, and deletes galleries. Please check the it out and create a few galleries and photos. http://ashleynew.azurewebsites.net/gallery/admin
Part Search App
A simple php application using wordsearch to display the results and a preview of the file. This was built to run on a touch screen hence the big buttons. You can type “test” into the search box and test it out. Must use Google Chrome with Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer extension for best results.
A Hair Stylist Page
An example of a hair salon website. This gallery here is also using UberGallery.
Fielder's Choice
I built this site using word press, but customized heavy. This gives the owner the ability to update content on their own site.
Photo Gallery
A simple photo gallery.
Landscaping Page
A fluid multi-column layout.
Joe's Auto Project
Mobile first and responsive site.